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Our technology makes us unique

We have built an in-house, state-of-the-art, B2B digital platform, that provides a plug-and-play, cross-selling digital solution to key players in the tourism industry, allowing their customers to buy travel insurance & assistance with just one click. In that sense, we position ourselves between the customers and the insurers as a new gateway.

Simple & easy integration

Our IT team has ensured that the tools and content we provide to our partners are easy to integrate.

Web services access

Our goal is a fully automated process from the end customer to the insurance company. However if you prefer to manually proccess the policies, you can through our online platform.

API ready

Our APIs make it simple to sell and offer information on our products via your website or mobile app

Take control of your customers

Through our system you can overview your data, with easy to extract reports, accounts, policy management

“More than two in five adults (41.4%) used the Internet to book their holiday. This is compared with less than one in ten who went to high-street travel agents or tour operators for all or part of their holidays. Direct booking of accommodation and flights also ranked highly, with 31% of adults booking accommodation directly and 13.7% booking flights directly.”

– Association of British Insurers / Key Note –